Paramix About: History


Paramix is founded in 1999. We kick off by developing small applications and databases for clients in Germany and overseas.

Additionally we conducted training courses on databases, spreadsheets and programming.


Operational spectrum expands to developing company websites.
Speciality: Minimalistic design for quick loading and a clear navigation system.


We start developing web applications: Software available over the Internet, and requiring no installation by the client.

The global nature of many companies and processes requires software, that allows working on the same data from numerous locations simultaenously.


Entry into E-Commerce applications development: Ssmall web shops and utilities for online operations and eBay trade.


Big contract from Ventilation group.

Work consists of building calculation and configuration systems for complex axial fans plus diverse applications for marketing and engineering.


First product is launched. Doms (Document Online Management System) is a simple web application designed to help in managing digital documents.

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