Paramix About
Eddie Baki

Endeavor to Better

Paramix is a small company dedicated to improve the world.


- By creating the necessary tools to handle complex situations
- By developing applications that do away with drudgery and productivity sinks
- By providing systems that enable people to accomplish the previously impossible
- By training people to build their own productivity enhancers

Attitude @ Paramix:

- Build solutions that work
- Deliver fast and improve fast
- Compact. No sprawl

Who is Paramix?

Except for projects where I need to engage freelance specialists, Paramix is basically just me: Sargon Abd-El-Baki, also known as Eddie Baki.

Short story

If you're out in the wilderness looking for someone to build you a home fast. Paramix would provide a tepee, igloo or log cabin.
Maybe not pretty, but these are rapidly available, keep you warm and dry, have low costs, and can be easily discarded for better solutions.
For luxury villas, mansions or castles: Please look elsewhere.

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