Paramix Datatools: Modelling

Modelling: Visualize, Understand, Predict

Fundamental objective of all modelling tools is to provide a better comprehension of specific realities:

- Understand the underlying facts

- Visualize and quantify all important parameters

- Predict future events

A modelling tool acts like an expert of a specific domain. How is that good?

Scalability. A modelling tool can be replicated for each user an infinite number of times.
Contrast that to: How many top domain experts can you afford to hire?

Example functions of modelling datatools

Take in human gender, weight, size and foot size as inputs and output suitable shoes.

(acts an expert salesman with good taste and a knowledge of all your products)

Allow customers to build and see their own individual shoes and at the same time instantly calculate for sales price and delivery times based on materials required, quantities ordered and manufacturing effort.

(acts as shoe engineer and sales expert)

Output to purchase and production bill of materials required for ordered items.

(acts as production manager)

Show management how well the company has been doing, by feeding all sales and financial data accumulated over the last few years.

(acts as statistician, operations manager)

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