Paramix Datatools: Past Projects

Some of the things we have built

Online Reference Selection Application for Ventilation Enterprise

Purpose of this web application is to allow the client's sales team pick applicable and relevant references and include these in their sales quotations. Inputting all these references is also carried out by globally located sales teams.

CMS (Content Management System) for small portal

Editor can create new articles, edit and publish these online. Categories and subcategories for the articles can also be created and edited.

Performance Calculator for Automobile Enterprise

This web application quantifies the performance advantages of the client's new range of vehicles v/s his current range.

Cost and Profits Calculation Tool for E-Commerce and eBay Powerseller

Excel based application designed to calculate purchase, inventory, eBay, shipping costs, profits, margins for the client's 1000+ products and created dynamic averages for his 100+ product lines.

ERP System for Paper Wholesale Dealer

Software was designed to work over a small network, in which four users can simultaneously use the application. Application was later enhanced with a CRM (Customers Relationship System) module.

Engine Selection and Calculation Web application for motor manufacturer

Client's salespeople around the world can select a specific motor, based on parameters they input. The selected motor(s) can then be enhanced with extras and accessories to suit the customers requirements. The application depicts unit costs, sales price, profits and margins of these motors.. Finally salespeople can generate a quotation, include some relevant reference projects, using a similar technology, and email it to the customer.

B2B E-Shop for Industrial Machines Enterprise

Client's customers can assemble their own machine online. They select the desired components, put these together online, and inquire or order the required system. Web applications is endowed with a CMS system, allowing our client to insert, edit or delete machine components.

ERP, CRM and CMS for E-Commerce site

Web application allowing trader to manage his whole inventory, purchases, sales, customer data, and website content.

ERP for Wine Trader

Application allowed client to manage his customers, products, invoices and correspondences.

CMS Web application for local job portal

Main Functions: Input new jobs, edit, archive or delete current jobs. Job seekers can build, edit or delete their profiles, and enhance these with files (resumes, photos etc..) they upload.

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