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What is Doms?

Doms (Document online management system) is a web application designed to help you manage your documents. Being a web applications means you and your team can simultaneously access the program from within your intranet or the Internet, without having to install the application on every single computer.

Who is Doms for?

- Sales teams
- Marketing teams
- Purchase teams
- Technical teams

Some recent applications of Doms include managing:
- Inquires for special fans
- Purchase inquiries for hydraulic components
- R&D projects documentation

Item View

Each item in Doms can be seen a discrete project, such as a sales inquiry or purchase RFQ.

Doms List View

This is the view you get when you either create or edit an item. The fields seen in the image above are just sample fields. We can embed any fields you require for your projects.

In this view, you also upload any documents relevant to that project, such as: drawings, price lists, requirements etc.

The archive check box allows you to archive the current item. Archiving removes this item from the list view and from the search results. Some clients prefer to do away with the archive button and have a delete button instead, with which they can delete items.

List View

The list view simply lists all (non-archived) items.

Doms List View

As with the item view, the fields and sorting can be customized to your requirements.

Search Engine

Doms search engine shows all items containing the required keywords in list view. The standard search engine only searches no-archived items. We can however customize it to search archived items as well.

User Input

Any one using the application can filter all items created and edited by any one user. This feature can also be removed, should you have no use for it.

Doms List View

Archive View

A list view containing all archived items. You generally archive an item when it is not current anymore: such as complete or canceled projects.

Multiple Languages

Doms supports multiple languages. This means the user interface elements, such as tabs, field names etc can be depicted in multiple languages. This is a helpful feature in international teams.

Why Should I Use Doms

- It is simple
- It does not require much in the way of resources
- It is customizable to your requirements
- It allows team collaboration

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