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How to deal with misaligned data full of empty rows and columns in Excel

Video shows you how to calculate the moving average of last five numbers in an Excel column

Applicable if your x-axis is numbers

How to add hyperlinks to urls and files in Excel

Separate individual text entities into separate cells

How to get Excel to deliver the next bigger value of a certain input

First instalment of HTML Tutorials

Have your table titles appear on each page you print

Keeping in big tables the headers and left rows always visible

Build an engine selection application in Excel

Video shows how to render your tables more readable by hiding zero and even negative values

How to sort data in applications such as Excel and what to look out for

Tutorial shows the main two ways of using Vlookups

Create spreadsheets able to depict data labels in multiple languages

How to master time calculations in spreadsheets

Always use cell references, as these can be easily updated

Video uses a kitchen analogy to easily explain the concepts involved

Use built-in functions to calculate the age solely from a person's birth date

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