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How an Automobile's Front Spoiler Works

By: Eddie Baki, 24.9.2012, 09:56

A car at high speed has a lot of air going around and below its body. This underside air build up creates a pressure, which lifts the car up and thus reduces the vehicle's grip capabilities.

Front spoilers minimize that underside pressure by re-directing the air, destined for the automobile's underside, to flow alongside car.

It is therefore beneficial to also equip the car with side spoilers, in order to avoid that deflected air to “leak” back into the car's underside.

A positive side effect of front (and side) spoilers is reduced drag. This might initially seem counter intuitive as the front spoiler is like a wall in the air stream.

The car's underside is not a smooth polished surface. It has the engine, gearbox, drive shafts exhaust pipes exposed to the air flow and thus creating air turbulence and thus drag.

By diverting the air away from the aerodynamically sub-optimal underside, the front spoiler saves more drag than it creates with its air dam effect.

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