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Racing Car Main Components

By: Eddie Baki, 20.2.2014, 13:09

The layout described in the video has not changed at all since the late 1970s.

Obviously materials, electronics and other changes have taken place, but the main components and their basic function have not changed.


Houses the driver and fuel tank. It also includes critical safety features designed to protect the driver, avoid fuel spillage and fires.

The front suspension and front wing attach at the front end of the monocoque. Connected to the rear of the monocoque is the engine.

The monocoque has to be very stiff for the car to handle right. It has to be very robust to withstand the aerodynamic and mechanical loads as well as any accidental impacts.

In addition to that, the monocoque has to be extremely light, as as not to impair the carís performance.

Suspension system

All racing cars have independent suspension system, meaning that the suspension at each of the carís four corners can move independently.

Typically the suspension comprises of an upper and lower wishbone, connected by an upright. This upright holds the brakes and wheel spindle upon the wheel is mounted.


Most current engines are V-engines. If you look at them from the front they have a V-shape.

Current engines act as the rear part of the chassis. This means they handle chassis mechanical and aerodynamic loads just as the monocoque does.

This enables car designers to attach the rear suspension to the engine instead of having to extend the monocoque all the way to the back.


The Transmission is attached to the back and delivers the engineís power to the rear wheels.

Cooling system

The water and oil coolers are typically placed on each side of the car, inside the sidepods.

The sidepods channel the airflow to the cooling system and around the car to the rear wing.

Rear wing

This is one big contributor of downforce, the aerodynamic force pressing the car down on the road, and thus adding stability at high speed sand corners.

The front wing has the same function. Both wings balance each other.

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