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Wing Cars and Ground Effects

By: Eddie Baki, 31.7.2012, 15:57

Wing Cars applied the concept of the wing to the whole car. Ground effects used the proximity to the ground to make those wing cars more effective.

Wing cars had a wing section all through the length of the wheelbase. These wings were situated in the two sidepods to the left and right to the driver.

The wing car concept led to slim fuselages, with the fuel tank behind the driver and very narrow engines. Before that Formula 1 car fuselages were rather wide and squat.

Ground effects had the same basic design, except the clearance to the ground was carefully picked in order to induce a venturi effect.
This venturi effect accelerated the air under the wing, thus producing more downforce than a wing car.

In Formula 1 ground effect cars were banned from 1983 onwards.

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