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Chart Trick in Excel

By: Eddie Baki, 20.2.2014, 05:12

When the x-axis of your data is numbers, Excel treats these as data points and inserts them in the chart instead of labeling the x-axis with them

One quick way to solve this problem is to remove the title of the x.axis column of data before creating the chart.

This way Excel quickly recognizes that this column is somewhat special. Excel then treats this data correctly by inserting it in the x-axis and not in the chart itself.

Ofcourse you can always take the hard way:
- When you have the x-axis data in the chart itself
- Delete this data
- Then click the chart with your right mouse button
- Select "Select Data"
- Click on "Edit" in right half of dialog-box (Horizontal (Category) Axis Titles
- Select the x-axis data

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