Paramix Learning: Experience

Sample Slice of Teaching Engagements

Spreadsheet Toolbox

Set of custom videos for personnel of a machinery manufacturer showing special operations in Excel such as: Fixing columns and rows, printing, create simple macros, use specific functions, sorting and filtering data.

Maintain Product Data

Special vehicle manufacturer had his product database in Access. He was advised to shift to the open source MySQL. Engineering personnel was taught how to maintain product data in MySQL.

Template System in Excel

R&D head of a HVAC manufacturer needed help with macros and structure of his application, designed to build quotation templates for big axial fans.

Presentation Basics

HR and accounting departments of a manufacturer of thermostatic devices needed to use Powerpoint for internal presentations.

Database Reports

Provided salespeople of an online trader with the means to create and modify their own Microsoft Access database reports.

HTML Templates for eBay Powerseller

Taught eBay trader how to build HTML templates to have a clear navigation bar an attractive layout and an easy and cost-effective way to add and modify content.

Site Databases

Advised a civil engineering consulting to use FileMaker Pro to manage their building site items. Also showed them how to build and maintain their own databases.

MiniCAD for Engineering Agency

Small mechanical engineering consultancy needed a powerful yet easy to learn CAD package. They were advised to use MiniCAD from Diehl Graphsoft and were also taught how to use it for 2D and 3D drawings.

Templates for Recruiting Agency

Training showed recruiters how to create their own document & time sheet templates in Excel and Word.

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