Paramix Learning: Fix Columns And Rows In Excel

Fix Columns and Rows in Excel

By: Eddie Baki, 16.11.2012, 05:43

Once you scroll down or to the right iIn long and wide data tables, you lose sight of your headers and your leftmost data. This video shows you how to avoid that.

The easiest way to fix your top and leftmost content in Excel is to follow the steps below:

- Click in the cell directly below and to the left of the area you wish to fix or freeze. so if for example you wish to freeze the first 2 columns and first row, you click in the cell C2

- Go to the tab View - Freeze Panes and select the first option - Freeze panes

Now you can scroll down or to the right as much as you want, the fixed columns and rows are always visible.

To remove that freeze, just go to View - Freeze Panes and select Unfreeze Panes

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