Paramix Learning: Hide Zero Values In Spreadsheets

Hide Zero Values in Spreadsheets

By: Eddie Baki, 18.9.2012, 09:30

In Excel you often have columns containing numbers and zeros. To improve the readability of your table it is a good idea to suppress these zero values without actually deleting them. The way to do that is through custom formats.

Part 1

A typical Excel custom format looks something like this: 0.00;-0;-

The part in front of the first semicolon is for the positive numbers. It fixes the positive numbers to two decimal places.

The section between the first and second semicolon is the format for negative numbers. In the example above these get a minus in front of the number and are shown as whole numbers.

The part behind the second semicolon is for zero values. Here Excel would display a everywhere a zero exists.

So suppressing zero values would look something like this: 0.00;-0;

A pair of quotation marks depict an empty string.

If we wish to also suppress negative numbers then our custom format would look like this 0;; or 0;;. Both options work in Excel, the second one is preferable for Openoffice and Libreoffice.

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