Paramix Learning: Html Tutorial Part 1

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HTML Tutorial Part 1

By: Eddie Baki, 20.11.2012, 14:13

HTML is something not only beneficial for website developers, but also to:
- Bloggers
- eBayers
- People using sites that allows you to produce your own content
- Workers planning to publish documents on company Intranets

There are many ways to learn something new. My suggestion is to start small and advance in small steps. The best way to advance is to build, make mistakes and learn from these.

I also prefer using a simple text editor rather than some WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) software

The best text editor in my opinion is notepad++. I use it for all my programming. But don’t take my opinion as Gospel. Use any editor you prefer.

Let’s get started with HTML by inserting the following text in our text editor:

Hi there my name is San Samies. I live alone on an island. I have absolutely no friends

Save this text and then open it up in your favorite web browser. Everytime you change something in your text, just hit the reload button to see the changes in your browser.

Let’s turn San Samies into bold. The bold tag comes in the pair <b> and </b>. <b> marks the beginning of the bold section, whereas </b> marks its end.

So <b>San Samies</b> turns "San Samies" bold.

Turning "an island" into italics works in a similar fashion. The tag pair for italics is <i> and </i>. So <i>an island</i> makes "an island" italicized.

Underlining "absolutely" follows a similar procedure using <u> and </u>. <u>absolutely</u> underlines "absolutely".

So you can see a pattern here. A lot of HTML tags come in pairs, but not all of them.

To add a new line between the first and second sentence, just insert <br> between these two sentences as shown below.

Hi there my name is San Samies.<br> I live alone on an island. I have absolutely no friends.

The more <br>’s you insert the more new line you get.

Another tag that comes on its own is &nbsp; This inserts a space and suppresses a new line. Hence the name: non-breaking space.

&nbsp; can also be used to insert multiple spaces. Most browsers reduce multiple spaces to a single space. by adding multiple &nbsp; tags.

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