Paramix Learning: Ram And Hard Disk

What is the difference between ram and hard disk

By: Eddie Baki, 17.7.2012, 14:48

This video shows you the difference between RAM and a hard disk

Let's say you want to make a salad. All your ingredients are in the fridge. That's your hard disk, your storage.

Making a salad directly in the fridge can get extremely messy and is not very efficient.

That is why you need to get the ingredients out of the fridge and onto some kind of workspace. That workspace is your RAM.

The bigger your space or RAM is the more food or software you can load simultaneously.

Some foods, ie watermelons, require more space than others such as peanuts. Ditto for software applications a photo-editing software needs more RAM than a simple text editor

After making your salad, you put it in the fridge so it stay fresh for this evening.

With computer work it is nearly the same procedure.

All your work on the computer takes place in RAM. However, RAM cannot store any work once the computer is switched off.

This is why you have to regularly save your work. Saving puts a current copy of your work in your hard disk. This is the copy you will be using the next time you load your document.

The original in RAM will always get lost, once the computer is switched off.

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