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Project Oriented Training

The value of training lies not in the number of new concepts being taught, but in how effectively students can apply these new concepts in their work.

We have been training people since 1995, and found project oriented training to be the most effective form of helping people actually understand and apply new concepts.

How it works

Tutorials help students build a specific project, containing issues the students have to tackle in their daily work.

The issues that matter are first discussed with the students or their superior. Projects, which enable the students to handle these issues, are then designed by the trainer.

Training commences. A set of tutorials introduce a new concept, and then the students must build an assigned project.

A further set of tutorials elaborate on this new concept and students have to develop ever more complex projects.

Then another new concept gets introduced and the iterative cycle begins again.

Advantages of project oriented training:

Students handle problems identical to the ones they face in their work. They also see what kind of problems may emerge by doing something this or that way.

Students implement their newly found knowledge and experience much faster. They also tend to remember new concepts better, because they had already applied them in a realistic setting

Students develop effective tools, pursue efficient work routines, and achieve a sense of accomplishment by solving real problems.

Each tutorial set is custom developed to the students' needs.

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