Paramix Learning: Sorting In Spreadsheets

Sorting in Spreadsheets

By: Eddie Baki, 29.8.2012, 11:27

In Excel there are several ways to sort your data. All material shown here applies to Excel, Libreoffice and openoffice.

Part 1

Before sorting, make sure you have no data islands. Your data should be one continuous block and not include any empty rows or columns.

Sorting by just one key is very simple. Just click anywhere in the column containing the data you wish to sort after and then click on either the ascending or descending sort icons.

Do not select the column, just click anywhere in it. Selecting the column runs the risk of just sorting the column, thus destroying your data.

Part 2

Sorting by more than one key requires calling up the sort window. In older Excel versions you can only sort up to 3 keys. In Excel 2007 and higher you can include as many key as you wish.

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