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Sample of Crafted Names

Below is a selected list of names we created for our projects, applications and joint ventures.
We also created names for some clients.

If you need a name for a product or venture of yours,
please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact at the bottom of the page.


Kovolff sounds the same whether spoken by an English or German native. Actually it looks and sounds like a nordic or viking name. It brings wolf connotations with it, yet the different spelling does not make that instantly visible.


Outrise was created for our web products (2000-2004). The name says it all: “We help clients out-shine, out-perform, out-rise … all the others”.


This was one of the prototype names for a design agency. The name encompasses two meanings: High performer and hyper former.


Suggestion for an agency operating in the Internet domain name trade. Nom is name and Netnom is Internet name. Pretty clear no?


Prototype developed for a car tuning and racing specialist. The name is made up of Diverse Race Engineering COMpany. The COM of company is reversed in order to become moc hence Dremoc.

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