Paramix Talk: Axial Fans As Furniture

Axial Fans as Furniture

By: Eddie Baki, 3.2.2013, 15:12

Axial fan manufacturers can easily showcase their products by turning axial fans into cool furniture. This kind of furniture can impress visitors in exhibition stands or in meeting and conference rooms.

Coffee Table Prototype

A coffee table can be easily created., by placing an axial fan on its rear end and mounting a glass pane on its front end.

Naturally the fan itself can be painted in more attractive colors than industrial grey, and certain items such as terminal box or mounting feet can be left out.

Seat Prototype

Just as with the coffee table, set the fan on its back and place some sort of pillow on its front end.

Added coolness can be achieved, If you can find transparent pillows. These would show the fanís impeller, normally hidden by the pillow.

A backrest can also be mounted. Higher seats can be achieved either with bigger fans or by placing one fan on top of the other.

Sketches of some Ideas

You do not need a lot of effort or material to make chairs, stools or tables out of axial fans.

Such furniture, especially in conference rooms, meeting venues or exhibitions, would definitely attract people and more importantly prospects.

More Sketches

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