Paramix Talk: Basic Functions Of Air Curtains

Basic Functions of Air Curtains

By: Eddie Baki, 21.8.2012, 18:15

An air curtain (or air drape) can be be seen as a go-through door or window. It generates an air flow from top to bottom, thus blocking anything from the outside - such as heat, cold, insects going in.

Nevertheless humans even vehicles can go through an air curtain. Air curtains can typically withstand wind velocities up to ca. 40 km/h.

Often the air in a building has less pressure than the air outside. This is often caused by exhaust ventilation systems. Putting an air curtain will not stop the outside air from coming in. An air supply system must be installed in order to compensate for this pressure loss.

Air curtains do not push the air vertically down, but push it along a sort of projectile trajectory in order to stop outside air from coming in or inside air from dissipating out.

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