Paramix Talk: Bird Feeding In Winter

Bird Feeding in Winter

By: Eddie Baki, 18.1.2013, 13:46

Cold winters with lots of snow are a tough time for birds. You can help them out by spreading special birdfeed.

I have been feeding birds in winter for over 14 years and can give you the following tips:

- Feed in the morning. Most birds are active in the daytime. Spreading in the evenings can lead to the food being snowed by morning. Afternoons do not give birds a lot of time to consume that food.

- Do not use food for human consumption or leftovers as bird feed. Get special bird food or manufacture your own.

- Keep feeding stations clear of pets, especially cats. If unavoidable make it easy for birds to see predators, such as open spaces.

- Only feed in tough conditions such as heavy snow or extreme cold. No need to feed in mild conditions.

- Do not feed birds on land, where you might get in trouble with people. Birds poop a lot, and most people do not want their terraces or balconies full with bird excrements - just because you’re feeding next door.

Sometime birds or other animals poop on the food. Use a different spot next time you feed at that particular station.

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