Paramix Talk: Build Cat Hut Or Shelter For Stray Or Homeless Cats

Build Cat hut or Shelter for Stray or Homeless Cats

By: Eddie Baki, 11.11.2012, 06:52

If you live in an area with sub-zero winters, you can do cats living outside a big favor by offering them a form of shelter from the elements.

Building such a hut is not that hard.
It is preferable to have some sort of primary shelter like a barn or an empty building, in which you place the shelter(s) shown in the video above.

These portable shelters offer the incumbent cat warmth plus protection from the weather other animals.

Items needed:

1. Big carton or cardboard box, the sort typically used when moving
2. Small flat carton or box
3. Flat piece cardboard
3. 3-4 rolls of duct tape
4. Straw: half or three quarters of a bale
5. Polystyrene sheets or panels
6. Protection foil


1. Fold the big carton into a box and duct tape it for stability
2. Place the small flat carton inside it
3. Fill the inside up with straw. The more straw the cosier it is for the cat
4. Close the front end with the flat piece of cardboard
5. Cut a hole of ca. 20 X 20 cm for the cat to use as entry and exit
6. Wrap the whole structure in sheets of polystyrene
7. Finally wrap the whole hut in protection foil

I have built 5 such shelters and building time took on average ca. 6-8 hours.

The shelters shown in the video are for one cat. Naturally you can build these to accommodate more cats. Too big a hut though would make a solitary cat feel as cold inside as outside.

Ideal size is for one to two cats -- naturally as long as these two cats get along with each other.

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