Paramix Talk: Fat Dumbbell Grips With Rope

Fat Dumbbell Grips with Rope

By: Eddie Baki, 13.2.2013, 10:23

Fat dumbbell grips have the benefit of providing the forearms with work, without having to spend extra time exercising the forearms.

There are numerous ways you can get fat grips on your dumbbells:
- Get some fat pipe to act as dumbbell bar
- Fit your dumbbell bars tightly into a fat pipe
- Buy fat dumbbell bars

According to my experience, the best results are obtained, by wrapping rope around the original dumbbell grips.

This rope no only makes the grips fatter, but also offer a solid hold, even if your hands are wet with sweat.

The rope costs next to nothing, and wrapping it around the dumbbell’s grip would take a couple of minutes at the most. Make sure to duct tape the end so it does not unravel.

Do not pick too thick a rope, as this will lead to grips, which are too fat. Exercising with extremely fat grips is no fun and can be dangerous when doing exercises such bench presses or shoulder presses.

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