Paramix Talk: Getting Fresh Ideas

Getting Fresh Ideas

By: Eddie Baki, 22.1.2013, 05:01

To be creative, do something completely different

I get most of my good ideas doing mentally mundane activities such feeding birds in the winter, cleaning my home, hardly sitting at the desk.

My desk is to me like af factory- a place of implementation. For good ideas I got to get out out and leave the desk.

Going out in nature, especially in winter, shows you the stark contrast between our sheltered lives inside and life outdoors. I think this stark contrast is what produces these great ideas. You are really out of your “normal” zone.

I believe that the more contrasting an activity is to your office work, the more this activity is conducive to new ideas.

That’s why I don’t believe in those office brainstorming sessions, because nobody leaves their “normal” life. Because there is no contrast.

Doing such contrasting activities on the regular keeps your idea muscles active and makes them continuously stronger. make sure to keep note of the ideas you get.

Finally, try not to do something so demanding and so taxing that it prohibits your brain from wandering about.

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