Paramix Talk: Walking As First Step To Health And Fitness

Walking as First Step to Health and Fitness

By: Eddie Baki, 19.11.2012, 06:16

If you’re planning to start exercising or simply get healthier and fitter, the best first step is to start walking or biking regularly.

Pick a time slot of say 30 to 45 minutes that suits you, and one in which you can regularly walk or ride your bicycle.

Get a cape or warm jacket so you wouldn’t use the weather as an excuse not to go out.

Walking outdoors has not only health benefits, but gets you out of your world and give you new perspectives and often also new ideas

Once walking or biking becomes a habit, challenge yourself by keeping the time slot constant and gradually extending the distance covered in that time.

Another challenge would be to pick uphill routes - if available.

Can you imagine having to live off the land? Imagine how our ancestors used to live, all the things they had to do each day.

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