Paramix Talk: What Is A Domain Name

What is a Domain Name

By: Eddie Baki, 14.8.2012, 15:51

Short video helps you understand what a domain name is

The Internet is a network of computers connected with each other. Each computer has a unique number called IP or Internet Protocol number.

Domain names were created so we donít have to remember a whole bunch of numbers.

A domain name is basically any name plus an extension.

Common extensions are: .com, .net, .org, and then there are country-specific extensions such as .de for Germany, .us for The United States.

So example.com is basically example plus the extension .com. This combination of name and extension is unique in the world there is only one address called example.com.

Sure there can be many example addresses such as example.net or example.org but each name + extension is unique.

So securing your own domain name gives you a worldwide unique address. Naturally as each domain name is unique it is sometimes not easy finding the right name + extension.

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