Paramix Talk: Why A Domain Name

Why a Domain Name

By: Eddie Baki, 20.8.2012, 14:44

This video describes the benefits of acquiring a domain name


A Domain name gives you a consistency you cannot find with free website hosting or email providers.


With a domain name reflecting your brand name you get to advertise your name every time you market your website or every time someone sees your email address.


Apart from a domain reflecting your brand name, you can acquire numerous domains, which have the keywords people use to find your offerings. The advantage of such keyword-domains is that they give you a better chance of showing up in search results.


A company with its own domain name looks far more professional than one using free web hosting or email services.

Cool Factor

You can also pick cool-sounding domain names or domain hacks in order to attract a certain type of customer or to provide a certain type of service.

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