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Why do car keys have to be so huge?

Fat dumbbell grips train your forearms and grip strength for free

Video series shows how cool furniture can be built out of axial flow fans

Get out of your “normal” life to get new ideas

Snow and sub-zero temperatures make a bird’s life tough in winter. Why not help out a bit?

Walk for ca. 30-45 minutes and do it regularly

Video shows components of a typical axial flow fan

Save some 40 liters of water every week

Video shows you how to build a simple yet effective winter shelter for cats living outside

Sub-domains are basically sub-divsions of your website

Short explanation on how air curtains work

Why Guide vanes and what are they good for

Benefits of a domain name

Stationed between two temperature zones, can air curtains act as heat engines?

Various ventilator temperature classes explained

Video explains what a domain name is

Diverse options for mounting motors in direct drive axial flow fans

Can a foot-mounted motor in a clamp-like structure deliver better performance than a B30 motor?

Axial flow fans with motors outside of the air stream

Video explains how axial flow fan sizes are determined

Is 3D printing technology viable for axial fan components such as impeller blades?

Are higher fan efficiencies possible?

Detail your objectives, and then loop through improvement cycles.

Breaking up your work day into multiple short time segments enables you to better plan, execute and fulfill your tasks.

Initially tempting for consumers and developers, strategically though only one wins: The platform provider.

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